India in Favor of Pava Filled Grenades

India news stations reported the use of Pava-filled, hand thrown grenades for riot and crowd control.  The Union Home Ministry latest mission is to find an alternative for pellet guns.

Pava powder is gaining traction as an alternative method of crowd control. In India, officials are starting to use hand thrown “pava grenades” for riot and crown control. These grenades are filled with bio-safe chili powder and designed to temporarily paralyze and irritate a human being. It’s considered safer than tear gas, and can be used with a combination of other less-lethal methods. 

Riot control officers can throw these grenades into aggressive, destructive crowd. On impact, the pava powder becomes air-borne and causes extreme discomfort such as difficulty breathing and a stinging sensation. 

The active ingredient of these PAVA filled grenades is Pelargonic Acid Vanillyl Amide (PAVA), which has not been known to cause long term effects despite the temporary discomfort. These shells have proved to be safe for children 12 years of age and older during stimulation tests. 

The governmental committee suggested that a large purchase of 50,000 rounds be manufactured by the India based company immediately. Pava powder is the ideal less-lethal solution to riot and crowd control.

For more information about pava-filled hand grenade usage in India, read here. 

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