Product Safety and Consistency Saves Lives

HERO™ Defense Systems: Lab Tested Quality Control

Product Safety and Consistency Saves LivesWhen it comes to self defense products, we understand the importance of quality and consistency. Defects in products like pepper spray or stun guns are more than mild annoyances, they can fail when you need them most. Keeping you and your loved ones safe means ensuring products are rigorously tested for reliable performance every time.

The most common issue in the pepper spray industry is consistency. Canisters won’t spray properly, or ingredients lose their “sting” over time. Loss of potency can make a bad situation even worse. Imagine your self defense spray having no effect on an assailant. It’s a terrifying prospect.

A self defense product must be absolutely reliable. HERO™ Defense Systems is committed to the highest standards for our ingredients and product materials.

Our rigorous specifications are built around potency, consistency, shelf life, and product safety. Every product batch is independently lab tested for performance and strength and our research on product improvement never ends.

Performance and quality are key opportunities to produce top of the line products while building trust with our customers. We design and test every product knowing it could save a life. See why our products are a cut above the rest. 

*Product failure rate on HERO™ non-expired products is less than .008. Always check your expiration dates!

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