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A New Generation of Self Defense

We all want to keep our loved ones safe. At home, at school, at the store, and everywhere in between. We carry self defense tools and install alarm systems, we choose a different route or avoid a part of town – it’s an unfortunate reality we have to deal with.

The world is evolving faster than ever, and with it the dangers we face. New challenges demand new solutions. At HERO™, designing the less lethal protection tools of tomorrow is what we do. We’re committed to creating reliable, proven products for when your safety is on the line.

So what does the next generation of self defense product look like? Compact, rugged, and built with every scenario in mind. Our products fit in your pocket or purse, are simple to operate, and are lab tested for quality and reliability. They’ve got the stopping power to keep you safe wherever life takes you. 

The first in our line up of less lethal devices: HERO™ 2020, a hand held device about the size of your smartphone. Small enough to conceal or open carry, the 2020 is ready for action at a moments notice. Packed with powerful PAVA ammunition, anyone caught in the line of fire is instantly affected. Painful burning sensations to exposed areas including the eyes and skin, along with extreme difficulty breathing, take the fight out of any assailant. 

HERO™ 2020 comes with a splash of features to take your safety a step further. But we’re not ready to give everything away just yet. We’ll be revealing more on our newest product as it’s release date draws near. Want to stay in the loop?

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