Every Day Self Defense Techniques

Practice these moves regularly for personal safety

Every Day Self Defense Techniques

Carrying a less lethal device is a great way to protect yourself, gain confidence, and take control of your personal safety. But self defense isn’t just about a single device. Learning a variety of defense techniques broadens your knowledge and ability to keep you and your loved ones safe. In the even you’re caught without your defense device, or simply don’t have time to retrieve it, you need a backup plan. As a final resort, your body is your last line of defense.

Learning to defend yourself with your own literal hands doesn’t mean years of training. There are numerous simple techniques you can practice by yourself or with a friend designed to buy you enough time to get help or dissuade an attacker. As an added benefit, practicing self defense moves daily can increase muscle development, improve response time, and instill confidence.

Take a look at this Healthline Magazine article outlining 8 self defense moves to help you escape an attacker. Try to incorporate some of these moves into your regular work out. Another great tutorial for self defense was posted by Lifehacker. Complete with videos and an overview of the most vulnerable parts of the body, you can improve your self defense skills in no time.

Physical self defense techniques can buy you the time you need to get away or retrieve and use your self defense device. HERO™ products use a lab tested blend of OC Pava – causing intense burning to the eyes and skin, and extreme difficulty breathing. Assailants are quickly disabled, giving you time to escape and get help.

The first of our innovative less lethal products, HERO™ 2020 is on it’s way and ready to revolutionize self defense!

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