Are You Prepared for a Break In?

How to Deal with a Home Invasion

We tend to think of our homes as bastions of privacy and safety, but the FBI reported 41 percent of property crimes, and nearly half of violent crimes, occurred in residential homes in 2018. While we tend to think of protecting ourselves when we’re out and about, it’s evident the need to do so at home is just as important.

Are You Prepared for a Break In?

So what do you do when faced with the unthinkable?

Surprisingly, there’s a fair amount of debate on the subject. Some experts recommend hiding: locking yourself and loved ones into a small room or closet and remaining silent to avoid the burglars. The theory hopes intruders just want to take your belongings without harming anyone, and startling them could escalate to harm or death. 

At the opposite end of the spectrum, some experts advise making a loud noise from a safe distance to alert the intruder you’re home and aware of them. If they don’t leave, yell that police are on the way and/or you are armed. Ideally, this will be enough for the intruder to flee. 

Both approaches have pros and cons. But there are a few methods most experts agree on:

  • A security system is a good idea. You’ll know immediately when someone enters your house, and potential intruders might avoid your house all together if a sign or sticker is displayed. Additionally, if they do break in and alarms start going off, they’re more likely to leave immediately.
  • Keep a fully charged cell phone near you. As soon as you know someone’s inside or trying to get inside, call 911. Provide as much information as possible: your location, the layout of your home, how many people are inside, the number and location of intruders, any conversation you can hear etc. 
  • Lock yourself and your loved ones in place, any barrier between you and the intruder is an obstacle to slow them down. 
  • Keep your car keys near you as well. You can use the panic button to alert neighbors there’s something wrong, or scare off someone in the process of breaking in. 
  • Finally, consider purchasing a self defense tool and know how to use it. Keep it handy, like in your nightstand while you sleep, or in an easily accessible location during the day. Don’t confront the intruders. Instead, shelter in place and be ready to fire. Let your training take over and try to remain calm. You don’t want to initiate physical harm, but be ready to do so if you must. Remember, you don’t know what the intruder wants and there may be more than one. Potentially you are at a disadvantage, so remain defensive and ready to act.

Prevention and preparation are the keys to avoiding a home invasion or burglary. Protect your family and home with a security system, an action plan, and an easily accessible defense device. Be ready to act to defend yourself and loved ones, and call the police.

At HERO Defense Systems we recognize safety isn’t just a tool you carry, or a system you install. It’s a mindset of preparedness. Our products are designed to fit into your safety habits: lightweight, compact, and rigorously tested for performance at a moment’s notice.

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