Benefits and Legalities of Lasers

A useful tool with some surprising restrictions

From weapons and laboratories, to classrooms and concerts, you can find lasers just about anywhere. With such widespread popularity, the many restrictions on the use, sale, and possession of certain types of lasers may come as a surprise. 

Benefits and Legalities of LasersPassed on a national level in 2012, the most well known laser law states shining a laser at a moving aircraft can net a $250,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison. State laws soon followed. In Florida, purposefully shining a laser into the eye of someone operating a vehicle is a felony. Arizona, Arkansas, and California have similar statutes. In Arizona it’s illegal to aim a laser at a peace officer or an occupied aircraft. Arkansas prohibits aiming a laser at an officer, selling a laser to a minor, or minors even possessing a laser without an adult present.

California takes it further, stating maliciously pointing one at anyone is a crime, aiming a laser in the eyes of a dog is animal harassment, and banning lasers from schools unless used for educational purposes. 

These are just a few of the laser specific laws in the United States. Before carrying and operating a laser, be sure to check the regulations in your state and city, as well as the class of your laser.

What Makes Lasers Dangerous?

The class of a laser indicates the strength of the beam. The higher the class, the more dangerous the laser. Clases 3 and 4 have significantly higher restrictions and are generally only used commercially or at light shows. A class 4 laser can burn exposed skin, and even damage the eyes by just looking at the dot shined on a surface. Most lasers in the public aren’t so powerful, but prolonged exposure to the eye with any laser can cause damage. You should never point a laser of any kind into someone’s eyes.

Lasers attached to defense tools provide a safe, reliable way to help hit a target during high stress situations. HERO 2020 comes equipped with a Class 2 laser, bright enough to provide accuracy without causing damage. While laser assisted aim is a great way to help you find your target, we always encourage training with your device. You should become familiar with all the features of your defense tool, such as laser, stun light, and safety, before ever having to use it. When the unthinkable happens, the muscle memory developed in training could save your life. 

HERO 2020 is changing the way you do safety! Sign up for updates below! 


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