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We’re thrilled to announce HERO™ 2020 is customizing defense with interchangeable cartridges. Our patented design allows users to select the projectile best suited for their environment. All HERO® projectiles utilize oleoresin capsicum (OC), known for its intense irritant properties, as an active ingredient. Anyone exposed experiences burning sensations to the eyes and skin, as well as difficulty breathing and seeing. 

HERO® currently offers two varieties of lab tested projectiles with more in the works: PavaBall and PavaGel.


Filled with finely ground OC powder, PavaBalls travel 250 FPS and shatter on impact, enveloping the target in a free-form cloud of microscopic powerful irritant. PavaBall is available in trainer and active rounds. With their large area of effect, PavaBalls are a great choice for open environments.


PavaGel fires liquid gel containing 5% OC in a cone pattern, sticking to the target. This liquid gel’s viscosity (+/- 38 cSt*) and narrower area of effect reduces the risk of unintended targets, making it well suited for use in enclosed environments.

*Kinematic viscosity is often measured in the CGS unit centistokes (cSt), which is equivalent to 0.01 stokes (St)

Interchangeable cartridges are just one of the many features HERO™ 2020 offers, empowering users to customize their defense. Engineered from the ground up, HERO™ 2020 combines the most useful features around with quality material and beautiful design to create the next generation of less-lethal devices. 

The U.S. Department of Defense classifies HERO® products as OC Dispensers, non-lethal weapons which deliver discriminate and reversible effects without causing unnecessary destruction or loss of life.

HERO™ 2020 is on the way! Subscribe below for updates.


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