Conceal Carry Tips!

It’s imperative to understand concealed carry methods.

Knowing we can protect ourselves offers a deep sense of security when carrying a weapon. But openly carrying can cause discomfort to those around us and impact how we’re treated in public places. While firearms can be more difficult to conceal due to their size and state laws, less lethal devices are more flexible. Some are even small enough to slip in your pocket. Larger devices like HERO™ 2020 can fit in a holster or be stowed in a purse or bag for easy access. 

If you’re looking for a holster the most common type is a belt holster, although there are other types available. Belt holsters allow carrying inside or outside of the pants and are generally worn at the 4 o’clock position on the waist for ease of access. For the 2020 we recommend a pocket holster for accessibility, affordability, and flexibility with any clothing. A pocket holster offers ease of access and additional protection against accidental discharge, and can also be used in in backpacks, purses or cars.

Always be sure to check the local laws before carrying. Self defense devices are legal in most states, but carry restrictions on certain campuses like hospitals, schools, and government buildings.

Check out the video below for a tutorial on wearing belt holsters, and the best way to conceal them with your clothing.

Ready to take safety into your own hands? HERO™ 2020 is just the first in our line of less lethal products designed to provide personal defense for an active lifestyle.


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