Why Carry Less Lethal?

A Growing Solution

At one time, less lethal defense had a misguided reputation of weakness compared to firearms. As more and more products have entered the market, along with many success stories, the old mindset has rightfully changed.

Why Carry Hero Non Lethal?

Less lethal products are a viable self defense solution for the majority of people. There are many who would rather not use firearms, or live where they aren’t legal, and most of us aren’t trained in physical defense techniques. Additionally, less lethal provides a safety net to avoid loss of life – something we can all value. This mentality has been the driving factor behind the shift in public perception towards less lethal. 

Even avid gun supporters are joining in this revolution of defense, recognizing more options for everyone translates to increased public confidence, and fewer incidents of violence. Not every situation calls for the potentially permanent results of a firearm. Of all the assault cases reported in 2017, 20% were aggravated assault. Firing a gun in such a situation could result in serious legal repercussions, not to mention death. 

Less lethal successfully toes the line between using a firearm when you could face legal consequences, and simply hoping for the best with no plan.

We’re helping to bridge the gap with our newest product, HERO™ 2020. Designed to be a perfect fit for anyone, the 2020 comes with an affordable price, compact design, and a host of features like interchangeable cartridges to keep you safe. For more information about the specs and capabilities of HERO™ 2020, check out the official announcement! 


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