HERO™ 2020 Featured on Officer.com!

Non-Lethal solutions in law enforcement

The last few months have been both humbling and incredibly motivational for us. We’ve heard from people around the globe who share our vision of a safer world through non-lethal defense. Within this sea of voices are the officers who go to work every day to protect our way of life. They spoke to us about their frustrations with their current tool set, and their hope and excitement for ours.

HERO2020 featured in Officer.com

So we were ecstatic to see Officer.com, an online publication for law enforcement and correctional facilities, shared an article of ours discussing the recent growth of non-lethal self defense and the release of HERO™ 2020. As we hear from more and more people in the industry we’re taking their words to heart. We’re thrilled to start working with law enforcement to provide the reliable, quality tools they deserve. 


HERO™ 2020 is just the first step in our vision. For the last two years we worked tirelessly to create a feature rich, powerful, lifestyle friendly device that saves lives. And we’ll continue to do so, designing our products based on intensive market research and input from consumer and prosumer feedback. The ever growing interest in HERO™ 2020 and non-lethal strengthens our resolve and our mission to bring personal safety solutions to millions.

Ready to take control of your self defense? HERO 2020 is out now!


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