Safety During Quarantine

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Safety During Quarantine

COVID-19 has forced people around the world to re-center their lives around home and family. Millions are working from home, homeschooling their children, and embarking on fun, virtual adventures.

Increased time at home has raised concerns about safety. Reports of prisoners being released early, rising domestic violence cases, and more have many worried. We understand these concerns and want to help improve your overall security at home and on the go. Below, you’ll find a few recommendations: 

Inspect Your Home

Simply walking both the interior and exterior of your home is a great start. First, check all doors and windows lock completely. Are your door locks reinforced? Take a look outside as well. Are there any holes in your fence or other ways an intruder could get in? Assess your property with the idea that criminals are looking for easy marks. It’s not about making an impenetrable fortress, but making your home less of a target.

Consider a Security System 

Speaking of safety upgrades, consider purchasing a security system. There are many to choose from, with plenty of budget and lifestyle options. Even installing something like a Ring doorbell can drastically improve your security by alerting you when there’s motion.

If a security system is out of your price range, consider getting a sign that says you have one. A survey of 422 incarcerated burglars showed a security sign was the 9th most considered security measure. Even if it’s a bluff, potential burglars are more likely to steer clear! 

Another security system alternative? A good guard dog. Larger breeds are a great deterrent for would be thieves.

Have a Defense Device 

In the event an intruder is able to get into your house, have your protection device of choice nearby. This can be a bat, firearm, or, our personal favorite: HERO™ 2020, our new, award winning non-lethal product.

Depending on size and layout, you may want to have multiple options spread through the home. Let’s say someone breaks into the kitchen. You don’t want to be scrambling to beat them to your bedroom, where your protection device is sitting in the nightstand. Be sure to invest in a safe for your device if you have children, and educate them on proper usage. As always, we highly recommend our customers utilize proper training for any device they own. Training builds muscle memory, ensuring you can act when it matters most.

Have An Emergency Plan 

Preparation is key. Your emergency plan should incorporate all the ideas above and outline how you handle an active situation. Most security systems and apps have panic buttons if you need help. Additionally most modern smartphones have an emergency feature, such as pressing the power button three times to alert a contact you need help. If you have small children, consider teaching them to hide in a particular spot or run out of the house when you tell them. Anytime your plan involves leaving the house be sure to coordinate a meet up location. Additionally, teach your children to alert you immediately if they find anything out of ordinary in the house or yard.

Social Distancing and Situational Awareness

We all know by now, being cooped up at home for too long drives anyone a little crazy. But remember when you’re out taking walks, bike rides, and hikes there may be less people around than usual. It’s critical to be aware of your surroundings when you’re alone. Situational Awareness helps you assess the world and people around you to avoid dangerous situations. Being distracted blindsides you from potential threats and limits your reaction time. So while you’re practicing social distancing as recommended by the CDC and enjoying the sunshine, be sure to pay attention to your surroundings too!

Check in with Loved Ones

Check in regularly on friends, family, and people at risk you know. For the elderly or those living alone, consider offering to help set up an emergency alert system, or volunteer to be an emergency contact if they need help. Sadly, home isn’t the safest place for everyone. During quarantine, there’s been a rise in domestic violence calls. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, focus on de-escalating the situation and getting help.   

Your safety is our number one priority. Consider using the ideas above to keep you and your loved ones safe during these uncertain times. Have some tips of your own to share?  Let us know! 

HERO™ 2020 Update

During these challenging times, we know our clients have been eager to get their hands on HERO™ 2020. We apologize for the delay. Like many businesses, we’ve experienced major setbacks from COVID-19 shutdowns. Suppliers have drastically cut back on hours and some have even switched production to manufacturing PPE for healthcare workers on the front lines. While these delays are disappointing to us all, we understand the necessity to put the health of our nation first. For the time being, we will be pausing sales of our products until supply lines can be restored. You can subscribe below for the latest updates. Thank you for your patience, together we will get through this!


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