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HERO™ is a proudly American company. We’re investing in our economy and offering jobs to Americans to support the nation we love. Everyday we bring people across the country together to create the next generation of non-lethal defense. Hailing from the Rocky Mountains, the East Coast, and the plains of the Midwest, we work with only the highest quality providers in the nation who share our commitment to safety and quality. Our team members from Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Michigan, New Jersey, Arizona, and Nevada are proud to represent so many parts of our great nation

Every HERO™ purchase supports American Workers. Our valued customers can be confident knowing every product is held to the highest standard of manufacturing and testing in the United States. We’re on the path to bringing compact, reliable self-defense options to millions here at home and around the globe. HERO™ 2020 is the first of these products, combining the extreme stopping power of PAVA with a feature packed design that’s easy to use and conceal. 

Safety is at the forefront of all our minds now more than ever. To the millions of our fellow Americans affected by COVID-19, we stand together with you. We thank you for your commitment to keeping yourselves and your loved ones safe during these uncertain times. We also continue to practice extra safety precautions and patience while waiting for lock downs to be lifted (Extra time on your hands? Check out these tips on securing your home.)

As you know, these locally mandated restrictions have caused delays across the nation. Unfortunately, we’ve been affected as well and have temporarily paused sales of our products. We look forward to getting up and running again soon! Thank you for your patience as we work through these unexpected delays. For updates on these delays and more, please subscribe below!


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