Re-Opening: A Safe Return

A Reminder to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Re-Opening: A Safe Return

The curve is flattening and states are re-opening! We’re all excited to leave our homes and venture forth to enjoy the great outdoors and reconnect with the people we’ve missed. And while safety guidelines for health are fresh on all our minds, we want to remind you other threats have not gone away. So while you re-engage with the world, keep these core ideas of safety in mind: 

Safety Plan

This includes knowing what you would do in a crisis or attack, like knowing the location of the nearest hospital or police station, where your personal defense tool is, and what self defense moves you may need to use. Check out the great video below for 5 self-defense tips that everyone should know. 

Situational Awareness

Whether you’re at your neighborhood park or visiting another city, it’s important to catalog and monitor your surroundings. Is there anyone close to you? Do they seem suspicious? If there is an ambush, do you know what to do? For more information about situational awareness, watch this video from the Personal Defense Network: 


Watching videos on personal defense moves and carrying defense tools are fantastic starts, but they shouldn’t be all. We highly recommend you invest some of your time into training for an attack. While watching self defense videos, find a friend and see if you can practice the moves on each other. Before carrying live rounds in the protection device try it out in a controlled environment. We believe that training is so crucial that we even include Trainer Cartridges with every HERO™2020. These cartridges have the same firing ability and feel as the active ones, and allow you to feel comfortable with your HERO™ 2020. Check it out in the video below! 

Training, planning, and awareness are the keys to protecting yourself and your loved ones. We’re just as excited as you are to get back to doing what we love. Enjoy life, and stay safe out there!

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