Staying Safe Amid Civil Unrest

Protect Your Family and Your Home

Staying Safe During Civil Unrest

As civil unrest sweeps the nation, many find themselves in the path of potential harm. At stake is not only the well being of protestors, police, and bystanders, but also public and private property. Understandably many are worried for the safety of themselves, their loved ones, and their homes and businesses. 

While we cannot control the actions of others, we can take steps to protect our families and property. 

These riots began as peaceful protests before they descended into violence. The majority of participants were not there to create violence, but ended up caught in the crowd when it began. There are several steps you can take to avoid this situation, whether you’re a participant or bystander:

  • Plan ahead: Be aware of current events so you know ahead of time if protests are happening in your area. Avoid them, or if participating, get a lay of the land before you join.
  • Distance yourself: Stay near the edge or rear of the crowd so if things turn violent, you can remove yourself. 
  • Body position: If the crowd rushes forward and you’re unable to get out, lean forward slightly, lock your hands together and brace your elbows outwards to give you space and protect yourself from being crushed. 

These are all easy tips to keep in mind while out and about, for more info check out this article from World Nomads. As for your home, there are several security measures to consider. Here’s a few:

  • Install a tall, difficult to climb fence. 
  • If you have a fence consider fortifying the back with plywood to prevent it from being knocked over. 
  • Install a security system, such as cameras, alarms, or motion sensor lights. 
  • Add Security Films to your windows, like these. 
  • Move expensive or valuable possessions away from the window, or add blinds or curtains.
  • Keep pre-cut pieces of wood nearby to fortify windows if needed. 
  • Reinforce your locks and consider adding deadbolts. 
  • Replace your wooden exterior doors with tougher metal doors. 
  • Replace your default strike plate, so your door is harder to break open. Here’s an easy tutorial. 
  • Obtain a defense device such as HERO™ 2020
  • Practice with your device; you should know how to use it at a moment’s notice. HERO™ 2020 provides detailed training videos here. 
  • Create an Emergency Action Plan and practice it with your family. Here’s a few tips on creating one. 

Facing the reality of our current situation can be frightening, but it’s more important than ever to secure yourself and your home. If you’re near an area of unrest, we implore you to take extra precautions for the safety of you and your loved ones. If you have any questions about the above tips or have additional recommendations, let us know. As always, we wish you all the best. Stay safe and be vigilant. 


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