The Call for Non-Lethal Force

Revolutionizing Law Enforcement

The Call for Non-Lethal Force. Hero™ Defense Systems

As protests sweep the nation, we cannot ignore the calls by so many for real change. It’s clear as a society we are ready for non-lethal alternatives. Regardless of politics, we can all agree reliable and effective non-lethal options result in safer outcomes for everyone, saving precious lives. 

Non-lethal tools significantly decrease the number of injuries and deaths to both officers and offenders.  But these devices aren’t perfect. Common complaints include concerns over reliability, ease of use, stopping power, and the potential for death. Commonly used in police altercations, rubber bullets are one example of a less than perfect “less-lethal” solution. In a study of nearly 2000 people who were on the receiving end of a rubber bullet, 15% were left permanently disabled and 3% were killed. Tools like rubber bullets rely on thorough police training, and real-world situations to fall within the guidelines for that training. Clearly these goals are not always met, and we’ve seen the graphic results when things don’t go according to plan.

While developing HERO™ 2020 we sought to directly address concerns like these. Each design phase and testing cycle was dedicated to creating a product that could protect life while avoiding lasting injury. Our projectiles do not use blunt force, instead, they rely on gel or powder-based ingredients that affect the senses. The active ingredients we use are designed to stop an assailant through temporary means and dissipate after about an hour. With any defense, we believe training is a necessity and highly encourage all users to practice with their devices. HERO™ 2020 is set to be the next revolutionary tool for consumers, security professionals, and law enforcement.

Though we were forced to delay our launch due to COVID-19, we haven’t been idle. We’ve made updates to increase firing power (PSI), boost projectile speed (FPS), and improve cartridge shelf life. We’re thrilled to be back with these improvements and are standing by as manufacturing begins once more. As COVID-19 restrictions lift, our suppliers are coming back online. We look forward to shipping soon and will let you know as soon as products are once more available for purchase!

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