Protected By HERO®

The Non-Lethal Movement

It’s everywhere we look. To us it isn’t just a brand or a cool product name, it’s the people who stand up when needed most. The ones you love, the people you pass by, and the neighbor you haven’t met – it’s all of us together, creating a safer world. 

There’s a Hero in each of us, and it means we’re all capable of being the first responder at a moment’s notice, especially when our own family is in need.

We’re developing training, tools, and technologies at HERO® to inspire each of us to have a plan, get trained, practice, and step up at that unexpected moment. Our mission is built around positive outcomes, we save lives.

“Protected By HERO®” is the embodiment of this idea. It means we’re trained in situational awareness and non-lethal tools to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and others. And it means we make a personal commitment to never let our guard down.

To always, always be prepared.

This purpose drives us to come together when needed, and we believe that time is now. We’re building a non-lethal movement to save lives, will you join us?

Stay Safe Out There!
David Clemons
CEO, HERO™ Defense Systems


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