HERO Defense Systems Awarded Product of the Year at Shot Show 2022

LAS vegas, nevada

HERO Defense Systems LLC attended Shot Show 2022 last week in Las Vegas where they revealed their latest non-lethal self defense product: AIIRO™. As the show drew to a close, American Outdoors announced AIIRO™ as the winner of the Personal Protection Product of the Year award. This marks the company’s second award, with HERO® 2020 and AIIRO winning back to back.

“It’s an honor, everyone at HERO is very proud. This recognition has solidified our position as an innovative leader in the industry and fuels our motivation to design world-class products fit for every lifestyle. AIRO™ was designed with great care and has proven itself as the new shape of non-lethal.”

David Clemons
Co-Founder and CEO, HERO Defense Systems LLC

AIIRO™ has been in development for nearly three years, building and improving upon the foundation of HERO® 2020. It’s smaller size and lower price point offer a lifestyle driven defense product that anyone can use and conceal. AIIRO™ uses nitrogen power to launch its highly anticipated gel based irritant which sticks to the target. Effects are immediate and include painful burning sensations on the skin (as if exposed to scalding heat), difficulty seeing, intense coughing, and discomfort for up to an hour. AIIRO™ also comes with a button activated 120dB alarm, audible from 750 feet (230m) away.

At a suggested retail price of $179.00, kits will include the AIIRO™, one training cartridge, one live cartridge, and carrying/storage case. Though no official date has been announced, AIIRO™ is anticipated to be available for pre-order in February.

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The New Shape of Non-Lethal

HERO products are not considered firearms under federal law. Some restrictions on usage and age may apply in certain states.

To contact HERO regarding quotes, interview, or speaking opportunities, contact:

HERO Defense Systems LLC
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For more information about HERO Defense Systems and products, visit www.HERO.US.com or join the non-lethal movement on social: @Bringahero


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