About Us

HERO® designs and manufactures less-lethal, self-defense products for the consumer and the professional. Our high-powered products provide a low cost, less-lethal, personal protection solution that is both affordable and saves lives.

Our Mission

Promote personal safety, save lives, and grow confidence by providing access to superb, non-lethal protection products.

Our vision

Help 1,000,000+ people maintain their lifestyle and live confidently by providing responsible, non-lethal self-defense solutions and training.

Our Devices

Designed to be small, lightweight, and durable, our products are easy to conceal and use. Our product teams specialize in power and electrical systems. We use injection molding, CNC machining, and circuit board and electronics assembly in the creation of our products. Critical quality control, safety standards, and testing practices are in place at every step of the process to ensure every device performs exceptionally.

Timeline of Innovation and Commitment

Nov 2017
First use of brand name, concept drawings presented to investors and suppliers.
Sep 2017
Business and legal strategy set in motion.
Jan 2018
Suppliers - MORE INFO PLZ
Jun 2018
Power system designs submitted to engineering for development.
Jul 2018
Massive design efforts to create product portfolio and secure supplier agreements.
Nov 2018
Hero™ and PavaBall™ names secured. First 3D printed prototype of power system.
Dec 2018
Second prototype printed!
Jan 2019
Power systems updated. Exterior design submitted.

Designed, Assembled, & Supported in the USA

Every member of our team values keeping our business at home. We work with the highest quality providers in the nation who share our commitment to product safety and quality. Our valued and loyal customers can be confident knowing their purchase supports American Workers, and their product is held to the highest standard of manufacturing and testing.

Want to Learn More?

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