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Less Lethal Innovation at the 2020 Shot Show

Join us in Las Vegas on January 21st – 24th to see the new HERO® 2020™! Our founders were inspired to create HERO® after being fed up with years of tragic stories, close calls, and safety concerns. HERO® 2020™ is the first in a series of less-lethal products designed to reverse the tide of fear. We’ve spent months creating the ideal less-lethal defense solution, and it’s finally ready for action!

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Take Safety Into Your Hands

Take Safety Into Your Own Hands

On June 8th, Alexander C. Moseley attacked a 29 year old woman in Lodo, Colorado and pushed her into her vehicle where he attempted to sexually assault her. With the use of pepper spray she was able to fight him off. The attacker was later found, and sentenced to 8 years in prison. 

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What is a PavaCloud?

HERO PavaBall projectiles are shells designed to shatter on impact. They are filled with over 3 grams of OC/PAVA powders which release on impact to

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