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Wayne Allyn Root talks HERO

Radio host Wayne Allyn Root met with our co-founder and CEO David Clemons to try out HERO 2020 and talk about our upcoming product release. Listen to the full interview here!

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Global Supply Chain Chaos

Nearly a month after transport groups warned of a systemic collapse in global trade, things are slowly beginning to move again. But things will get worse before they get better.

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Thank You Nevada!

We had a blast sharing HERO 2020 and our newest “secret weapon” in non-lethal! It was a pleasure to share how non-lethal can compliment existing personal safety strategies.

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We’re Coming to Vegas!

Join us at the Las Vegas Gun Show for a demo of HERO 2020 and a sneak peek of our upcoming product! We’ll also have a giveaway and limited time coupon for show attendees.

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