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Why Carry Hero Non Lethal?

Why Carry Less Lethal?

Less lethal successfully toes the line between using a firearm when you could face legal consequences, and simply hoping for the best with no plan.

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Conceal Carry Tips!

For the 2020™ we recommend a pocket holster for accessibility, affordability, and flexibility with clothing. A pocket holster offers ease of access and additional protection against accidental discharge, and can also be used in in backpacks, purses or cars.

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Pavagel Stream

Meet PavaGel

PavaGel was formulated to create a focused spray of gel, ensnaring its target with burning irritant that sticks! Launched at 250 feet per second, the gel bursts from the barrel in a cone shape, increasing your chances of hitting the target in the heat of the moment.

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Hero Non- Lethal, Hero Less Lethal

Introducing HERO™ 2020!

HERO™ Defense Systems is revolutionizing non-lethal personal defense devices. First in the product line up is the newly released HERO™ 2020 launcher.

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