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Thank You Nevada!

We had a blast sharing HERO 2020 and our newest “secret weapon” in non-lethal! It was a pleasure to share how non-lethal can compliment existing personal safety strategies.

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We’re Coming to Vegas!

Join us at the Las Vegas Gun Show for a demo of HERO 2020 and a sneak peek of our upcoming product! We’ll also have a giveaway and limited time coupon for show attendees.

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Corporate Training Events

Dan patrols his line of trainees as they take aim at their targets. At his word the group collectively squeeze their triggers, interrupting the day’s quiet with the crack of firing weapons.

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Tune in Live

Tune in at 3:30 Mountain time as HERO® CEO and Co-Founder David Clemons joins KHOW Talk Radio’s Michael Brown to discuss all things non-lethal!

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