The Growing Need for Less Lethal Protection Devices

Demand at Home and Abroad

Unfortunately we live in a world where news of people being attacked is a regular occurrence. In fact, 58% of Americans report unsafe feeling everyday. Troubled citizens are arming themselves in response. In their homes, vehicles, in nature, and everywhere in between. But not everyone is comfortable carrying a firearm. Less lethal protection devices offer a solution; a way to protect yourself and your family without taking a life.

Safewise Most Concerning Safety Issue
Violent crime and property crime are the two most concerning safety issues for Americans

Manufacturers are pouring resources into a wide range of options in response to the rising demand for these products. Most devices use gas, powder, spray, lights, noise, electricity, or projectiles. HERO™ Defense Systems has combined the most effective of these features to create the ultimate self defense device. We’re not ready to give away all the juicy details just yet, but let’s just say the less lethal industry is about to see something very exciting.

While personal protection devices are generally permitted throughout the United States, a few states do restrict their sale and carry. Many of these states have limitations on the size of the device and where they can be carried. Check the map below to see which states have laws against certain types of less lethal defense tools. For more detailed information by state view our state restrictions page.

Pepper Spray Legality by State. Source:

When used correctly, less lethal devices literally save lives. That’s why proper training and understanding of your product is so important. And it’s why training is one of our main priorities. We offer specialized ammunition for practice, giving you the tools and training to carry your HERO® with confidence and skill.

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