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Street Smart. Don't be a Victim

From Zero to HERO

From coast to coast, in cities big and small, crime & violence have become a part of daily life. Personal Safety is key to avoid being a target of violence.

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AIIRO less-lethal defense device

AIIRO Updates in 2023

We wanted to share some of the exciting AIIRO updates we’ve made this year to our award-winning gel based aerosol product.

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Woman wondering what all the different irritants are for less-lethal defense

Guide to Less-Lethal Irritants

What are all these irritants, and which one is best? In this guide to less-lethal irritants we’ll cover the differences when it comes to self-defense, and explain what heat ratings really mean.

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HERO Story: Saving Lives

Radio talk show host Jesse Kelly shares a listener’s HERO story – a personal and frightening moment which was overcome with HERO 2020.

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