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Woman wondering what all the different irritants are for non-lethal defense

Guide to Non-Lethal Irritants

What are all these irritants, and which one is best? In this guide to non-lethal irritants we’ll cover the differences when it comes to self-defense, and explain what heat ratings really mean.

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Road Safety: Got a plan?

Road Safety

Most have a spare tire and a first aid kit for road safety, but many forget the most important component: themselves and their passengers.

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Home Defense, Are You Prepared?

HERO® Home Defense

Home defense is more important than ever. The FBI reports 1.5 million burglaries occurred in 2022, that’s one every 22.6 seconds. Over a quarter happened while someone was home! Are you prepared?

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Our Veterans Day HERO

This Veterans Day we hope you’ll take a moment to recognize those who have served our country in the armed forces. We’d like to shine a spotlight on one of our own at HERO, Adam Innes.

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