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Award Winning Defense

U.S. Patents 11,320,233 and D947,982

The compact, easy to conceal non-lethal tool anyone can use! HERO® 2020 fits in your pocket or purse and goes anywhere you do. No messy wires or sprays, just point and shoot. Simplicity and power that won Self Defense Product of the Year!


HERO® 2020 is defense made easy. Save lives, live confidently!

How it works

HERO® 2020 launches projectiles filled with PAVA, a synthetic form of capsaicin, known for its intense heat and irritation properties. These projectiles explode on impact, enveloping the target in debilitating irritant. PAVA binds to the receptors that send pain and heat signals to the brain, causing targets to experience intense burning on the skin (as if exposed to scalding heat), difficulty seeing, fits of coughing, and discomfort for up to an hour. There are no long term effects.

Used and trusted by police, security, and military around the world, PAVA stops attackers in their tracks – so you can get to safety.

Quick Swap


PavaBall projectiles explode on impact, engulfing the target in an ultra fine cloud of irritant. Fired at 160-175 FPS from up to 20 feet away, each 3g payload contains 10% PAVA. HERO® 2020 cartridges remain potent for up to 2 years and come in both active and trainer varieties.

Features and Specs

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  1. Swappable Cartridges: Active or trainer cartridge, holds two rounds.
  2. Safety: Dual sided safety for one handed operation.
  3. Charge Port: Rechargeable 5V battery via mini USB connection.
  4. Dual Shot Barrel: Fire two separate shots with two trigger pulls.
  5. Stun Light: Blinding 600 Lumen LED light. Turns on automatically.
  6. Laser Sight: Never miss your target with the built in Class 2 laser aim assist. Turns on automatically when the safety is switched off.
  7. Cartridge Release: Reload in seconds with the pull of the lever.
  8. Trigger: Two finger trigger gives you maximum control.

Quality at Home

We’re passionate about building and supporting non-lethal products that save lives. That’s why we only work with suppliers and manufactures who share our commitment to product safety, testing, and quality materials. HERO and its employees are located in the United States and available to answer any questions you may have.

Choose your Bundle

Whether you’re a security guard, runner, mom, student, or anything in between, we’ve got a bundle that will work for you!