hero™ 2020 Media Assets


Product of the Year

HERO™ 2020 wins Self Defense Product of the Year at Shot Show 2020! Nominated by American Outdoors


HERO™ 2020 Sneak Peak

Get a glimpse of the HERO™ 2020 in action from a day of filming!


PavaBall Sneak Peak

A single PavaBall at 250 FPS = one instant cloud of stopping power! Here’s a taste of what PavaBall has to offer.


HERO™ 2020 Fact Sheet

HERO™ 2020 is packed with features. View them all with this fact sheet.

HERO™ 2020 Dealer Sheet

2 sided info sheet outlining the features, bundles, and specs for HERO™ 2020.

HERO™ 2020 Powerpoint

Learn more about HERO™ 2020 with this slideshow.

HERO® Media Assets


What is HERO®

HERO® CEO and Co-Founder David Clemons offers his thoughts on what HERO® is and what it means to different people.


Miniaturizing Technology

Dan shares insights on the challenge and fun of miniaturizing technology including the many failures, and ultimate success of HERO®.


Making a Movement

Chief Engineer Dan Danowski shares his life experiences and describes how HERO® is not just a product to sell, it’s become a movement.


HERO® Brand Identity

View fonts, colors, and logo for HERO™ Defense Systems.