The Necessity of Self Defense

Your Best Defense is You!

The Necessity of Self DefenseThe ultimate line of defense in any situation is you. We’re all guilty of thinking “it will never happen to me” or that if it did, someone else will know what to do. The truth is we can never what might happen on any given day. Planning ahead for dangerous situations can literally be the difference between life and death.

In March of this year a woman was walking to her car in a parking garage in Syracuse, New York. As she opened the car door a man attacked her from behind. She fought him, ultimately using her pepper spray on him. The man retreated, and she was able to alert the authorities. 

In Colorado another woman was also attacked in a parking garage. She too was able to use pepper spray against her attacker. 

How different might these stories have gone if the woman hadn’t been proactive with their safety?

Self defense is a necessity few of us have taken the time to understand. And while it may be a frightening thought at first, it can also be empowering: You are the best person to protect yourself.

Self confidence, self empowerment, self defense. These are the foundations our products are built on. At HERO™ Defense Systems we design easy to use, reliable less-lethal devices. 

Our newest product the HERO™ 2020, launches a potent punch of our lab tested OC/Pava at assailants, overwhelming them with intense burning sensations and difficulty breathing. The 2020 is revolutionizing the personal protection industry, with multiple safety features and an innovative interchangeable cartridge design. 

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