Utah Homicide Survivors Partnership

HERO™ Defense Systems is happy to announce a partnership with Utah Homicide Survivors, a non-profit legal group that assists the families of homicide victims. 

After the tragic loss of a loved one, families may feel lost or confused. Utah Homicide Survivors seeks to help these families as they deal with legal responsibilities such as inheritance, life insurance, and lawsuits against the perpetrator. This wonderful organization has found a way to ease the suffering of families when they need it most.

HERO® has stressed the importance of prevention, safety, and training since the beginning. The best defense is situational awareness. But when the situation escalates, it’s imperative to have a reliable less-lethal tool that you know how to use. 

That’s where HERO™ 2020 comes in. We’re on the brink of releasing a revolutionary product that combines the most effective defense features into a compact, easily concealed device. We’ve held ourselves to the highest standards in product design, engineering, and quality control.

“We stand committed to be part of the ongoing efforts of Utah Homicide Survivors and similar non profits , by contributing annually to the mission and purpose that drives this organization”

David Clemons, Co-Founder and CEO, HERO Defense Systems 

Join us in creating a self defense revolution!


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