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Non-Lethal Personal Protection is Growing Based On New Technology and Products Like HERO™ 2020

HERO™ 2020 is the new personal protection device you can conceal and carry

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“Non-lethal products have become the choice for millions around the globe. HERO™ is a new breed of manufacturer, producing high-tech personal self-defense weapons with advanced features and lifestyle considerations.”

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Fifty years ago, Carl Hoernecke invented aerosol-based pepper spray, an innovation that has persisted as the go-to solution for non-lethal personal protection. Now the market is growing as innovative companies invest in advanced technologies and delivery systems to meet the demands of a widening audience with varying needs.

The non-lethal space is made up of an increasingly diverse set of consumers and agencies. Professional security, police, border patrol, military, consumers, and everyone in-between are eager for reliable defense options. Historically, consumers have supported pepper-spray related aerosol, making up the largest percentage of sales in the industry. Market research shows these products were valued at $26 million in 2019 and are estimated to reach $67 million with a compound annual growth rate of 14.7% by 2025.

Professional groups wear a wide selection of products on their uniforms including projectiles and sprays in powder and gel formats. According to recent research, non-lethal purchases by law enforcement in the United States will exceed $10.2 Billion by 2025.

Non-lethal products have become the choice for millions of people around the globe. Today, the consumer’s choice of product is mostly driven by size, cost and availability. HERO™ Defense Systems LLC is a new breed of manufacturer, producing high-tech personal self-defense weapons with advanced features and lifestyle considerations.

HERO™ 2020 Launches at Shot Show, the Largest Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Event in the U.S.

HERO® has successfully launched its first consumer and prosumer product: HERO™ 2020. A patent pending product, HERO™ 2020 is a small format, feature rich personal protection device. The dual shot device comes with two finger trigger, double-sided safety, 600 lumen LED stun light, laser assisted aim, and an innovative interchangeable cartridge design. With multiple cartridge options, HERO™ 2020 allows users to choose the best delivery format for every environment and includes non-active options for training. It’s a new approach to self-defense using a powerful nitrogen power plant to deliver high-grade, lab tested pepper based ingredients. HERO™ 2020 allows product customization and feature choices for international distributors.

“What started out as a simple idea has turned out to be a growing passion with so many people around the globe. We worked relentlessly on well thought-out designs, natural ergonomics, and new technologies to get people motivated – to rethink personal protection for their families and commit to always having a go-to-plan. The professionals like security guards, city police, first responders, governmental agencies agreed that they need more well designed non-lethal options and that the HERO™ 2020 would be on their immediate product testing schedules.”
– David Clemons, Co-Founder and CEO

HERO™ 2020 was met with enthusiasm at Shot Show, with industry leaders and consumers alike expressing interest and excitement for the new product. Individuals and agencies from over 30 countries expressed an immediate need and interest to distribute.

HERO™ 2020 is Shot Show Product Of the Year!

HERO™ 2020 Wins Self Defense Product of the Year | Download Image

HERO™ 2020 Wins Self Defense Product of the Year

This week Executive Producer of American Outdoors, Bill Rogers, awarded HERO™ 2020 with the Shot Show Self Defense Product of the Year. “We were very impressed with the HERO™ 2020 and have named it our Shot Show Self Defense Product of the Year for 2020,” said Rogers, “We congratulate the team at HERO® for developing a safe and easy-to-use self-defense product. This will help protect citizens as they go about their daily lives.” 

HERO® Co-Founder and Partner David Clemons was proud to receive the award, reaffirming the company’s long-term vision for safety. HERO® allows people everywhere the option to carry a powerful, non-lethal self-defense solution that fits their lifestyle. With a mission to train over a million people, HERO® aims to rebuild personal confidence and keep people safe by creating small, super-hero-like products designed to be effective and easy to use.

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About HERO™ Defense Systems LLC

HERO®’s mission is to provide training and create affordable self-defense products that save lives. Finally, there’s a complete non-lethal platform providing both training and high quality products designed for millions of people on a global scale. HERO® believes education, training, and non-lethal choices are the bedrock of personal protection. HERO® is the proud recipient of the 2020 Shot Show Self Defense Product of the Year, presented by American Outdoors.