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HERO® Non-Lethal Defense

HERO™ Defense Systems LLC, a manufacturer of non-lethal personal defense devices, announced today the opening of the HERO® online store. Among the first products available is the newly released HERO™ 2020 launcher, along with multiple projectile options containing powder or gel based irritants.

The HERO® store offers non-lethal, concealed carry products designed and tested to prevent or stop an attack with PAVA based projectiles. Among the first to offer interchangeable cartridges, HERO® products allow users to customize their device for any environment by choosing projectile type and strength. Trainer cartridges are available, along with an online training portal featuring videos, manuals, and more for every customer. HERO® products should only be used after completing training.

A New Class of Non-lethal Protection

Hero Non-Lethal, Hero Less LethalThe first in a family of innovative, ergonomic, personal defense products built for every lifestyle, the HERO™ 2020 comes with a list of features. Uniquely engineered with a nitrogen powered pressure system, the 2020 can launch projectiles up to 250FPS from 20 feet away. The dual shot, dual finger trigger design fits comfortably in your palm, with a safety switch on both sides for operating with either hand. The base price includes a 600 lumen LED stun light, Class 2 laser for aiming, and interchangeable cartridges. Available in multiple colors, HERO™ 2020 is rechargeable, user friendly, and compact.

“It’s been a rewarding journey. Trying to create the smallest, most powerful product of its kind, we were constantly faced with engineering challenges. We’ve always been inspired by the tools and weapons used by the “super heroes”, and now it’s a reality, we have the real deal. We feel the time is right to provide better personal protection that stops the attacks through user training, and having a personal choice of non-lethal concealed carry items that fit your lifestyle.”

– David Clemons, Co-Founder and Partner, HERO™ Defense Systems

HERO™ 2020 is a feature rich product, comes in an attractive retail launch kit, and is priced competitively.

Visit our announcement page to learn more about HERO™ 2020, or join us in Las Vegas at Shot Show to see HERO™ 2020 in person! Stop by anytime January 21-24 and find us at booth #6402!

Driven by Safety

The mission at HERO™ Defense Systems is to redefine options for personal self-defense. Quality, reliability, and safety are the top priorities at HERO®. These values are reflected in the company culture, product design, and support of every product through certified specialists, training, and certification workshops.

HERO® products are not considered firearms under federal law. Some restrictions on usage and age may apply in certain states.

For more information about HERO®, HERO™ Defense Systems, or HERO™ 2020, visit our website:


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