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HERO 2020

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At a moment's notice, what's your plan?

Life comes with all types of dangers and unexpected situations. Our primary goal is providing you safety and confidence with our collection of less-lethal concealed products designed for your life style. HERO® personal protection devices are here to protect you and your family.

At work, at home, or at play:

always carry your hero®

HERO 2020 Training

A power house of features. View the video library to learn how to properly carry, fire, and care for your HERO 2020, download the user manual, or register your product.

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Featured: Safety & Firing

Powerful Concealed Protection

Built around an active lifestyle, you can take HERO® wherever you go!  Our products are small, powerful, and engineered to protect you and your loved ones when it really counts. We’ve utilized top industry partners, technology, and materials to create the ultimate feature rich, non-lethal defense tools – so you can get out in your world and live with confidence!

Get Your Life Back

State Restrictions

While the active ingredient in our products is legal in all 50 states, certain restrictions apply. It’s important to know the laws in your state before you purchase or use our products.

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Designed, Assembled, & Supported in the USA

Every member of our team values keeping our business at home. We work with the highest quality providers in the nation who share our commitment to product safety and quality. Our valued and loyal customers can be confident knowing their purchase supports American Workers, and their product is held to the highest standard of manufacturing and testing.

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Global Supply Chain Chaos

Nearly a month after transport groups warned of a systemic collapse in global trade, things are slowly beginning to move again. But things will get worse before they get better.

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