Discover the Best Less-Lethal Self-Defense Options with HERO®

Discover the Best Less-Lethal Self-Defense Options with HERO®

In an increasingly unpredictable world—where you’re more likely to run into a headline in the making than win the lottery—personal safety is no joke. It’s crucial to arm yourself with self-defense tools that are smart, safe, and effective. For those looking for less-lethal options that provide peace of mind without crossing into ethical and legal trouble, HERO® introduces a suite of innovative self-defense solutions crafted to empower and protect without taking a life.

Welcome to the HERO® Revolution in Personal Safety

Forget everything you think you know about self-defense. HERO® isn’t just a brand; it’s a movement. It’s about transforming everyday people into their own protectors with a lineup of state-of-the-art devices like the powerful HERO® 2020 and the sleek, compact AIIRO®. Armed with our proprietary PavaBall and PavaGel technology, these tools are the pinnacle of personal security innovation, designed to ensure safety through deterrence, not destruction.


Why HERO®? It’s About Smart Defense, Not Senseless Force

Our commitment at HERO® is clear: engineer self-defense options that offer a balance between preventative measures and assertive response. From self-defense pepper gel that halts an attacker in their tracks, to personal defense pistols that are as user-friendly as they are effective, our patented products have won awards for their unique and user friendly designs. They’re also recognized for their legal compliance and innovative personal defense features.

Every Device a Lifeline

HERO® 2020 and AIIRO® devices are crafted with the utmost precision, ranking them as top-tier personal defense weapons. Whether you’re in the market for an everyday carry item or need something that stands up in court as well as it does in a dark alley, HERO® provides. Our range of men and women’s personal self-defense products ensure when you take safety into your own hands, you’re equipped with the best legal tools the industry has to offer.

Advanced Options for the Discerning Defender

The HERO® 2020 Personal Defense Gun is a game-changer, offering powerful yet non-lethal protection that tempers force with foresight. Available with BluntForce kinetic projectiles or advanced PavaBall rounds, this gun delivers a defense that incapacitates temporarily, preserving life while protecting yours. 

The AIIRO® exemplifies discretion and potency, a slim and unassuming tool that offers immediate defense with its sticky PavaGel irritant, making it a standout among men and women’s self-defense options.

Deep Dive into PavaBall and PavaGel Technology

Innovation is at the heart of HERO®. Derived from a synthetically engineered pepper spray compound called PAVA, PavaBall and PavaGel incapacitate with precision, offering a non-lethal response to threats. Whether projecting PAVA in powdered form from the HERO® 2020 or deploying a sticky, immobilizing gel from the AIIRO®, these technologies ensure your defense is as effective as it is humane.

AIIRO Less-Lethal Gel Irritant Defense
AIIRO Less-Lethal Gel Irritant Defense

Empowering Personal Safety Through Less-Lethal Innovations

Our suite of less-lethal defense tools, including the cutting-edge AIIRO® and the revolutionary HERO® 2020, represents the forefront of safe and responsible personal protection. These products balance less-lethal effectiveness with the ease of use expected from top-tier personal defense weapons, ensuring unintended consequences of self-defense are avoided.

Why Choose HERO®? Because Being Prepared Shouldn’t Mean Escalating Conflict

Choosing HERO® aligns you with a brand that places user safety, innovation, and reliability at the core of its mission. Our products offer non-lethal solutions that ensure you’re prepared for whatever the world throws your way—without becoming part of the violence problem. Explore the HERO® product line today, and step into a safer, empowered tomorrow.


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