The Best in Less-Lethal: Gel vs Spray

The Best in Less-Lethal: Gel vs Spray

Pavagel Is The Sticky New Game Changer

Pepper spray has been a staple of less-lethal defense tools for decades. But it does have drawbacks, many of which are addressed by gel based payloads. While the basic idea is the same, gels provide more reliable and effective outcomes compared to spray.

First let’s talk about how these irritants work. Traditional pepper sprays use oleoresin capsicum, a natural compound found in peppers commonly known as capsaicin. At HERO™ we use PAVA, a synthetic form of capsaicin, known for its intense heat and irritation properties. PAVA binds to the receptors that send pain and heat signals to the brain, causing targets to experience intense burning on the skin (as if exposed to scalding heat), difficulty seeing, intense coughing, and discomfort for up to an hour. With no long term effects, PAVA is widely used and trusted by police, professional security, and military around the world. PAVA is legal in all 50 states, with some restrictions.

The key to stopping an attack is getting this PAVA into direct contact with the assailant. Both gel and spray share the goal, but spray can fail in multiple ways:

ViscositySprays consist of tiny aerosol droplets which limited in travel distance and vulnerable to air currents. Once the spray has left the canister, cross contamination from drafts or wind is a danger to the user and innocent bystanders. Gel solves these issues with a higher viscosity and weight. Gel can be fired effectively from further away, and either sticks to the target, or falls to the ground. Our PavaGel is powered with high pressure Nitrogen – powerful enough to blast 14ML of thick, sticky gel into a 21″ ring of pain.
HERO™2020 PavaGel

Firing Pattern

How the payload travels and hits the target determines effectiveness. Pepper spray spreads out quickly over a large area, again putting bystanders at risk. By contrast, gel sticks together in a smaller stream or cone shape creating a concentrated, targeted zone. This means only the attacker is affected while taking the full dose of PAVA. 

We’ve designed and tested multiped kinds of cartridges for HERO™ 2020. High powered, and high intensity, PavaGel is the ideal indoors or in crowded areas with significantly lower risk of injury compared to projectile based tools. These benefits make PavaGel our favorite cartridge for HERO™ 2020.

Despite the temporary delays we’ve seen as a result of COVID-19, we’re hard at work getting HERO™ 2020 ready to keep people safe. We’ll be making some exciting announcements soon! Sign up for updates below! 


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