Support Ukraine with HERO®

Support Ukraine with HERO®

Starting NOW, HERO® Pledges Donations to Ukrainian Families


Update: This fundraiser has now come to close. Thank you so much for all your support. We raised over $2500 for organizations providing desperately needed humanitarian aid, helping families fleeing the violence, supporting orphaned and critically ill children, providing supplies for pets and animal shelters, and so much more. Thank you!

With heavy hearts we have watched the events unfolding in Ukraine. Millions have abandoned everything they know, separating from loved ones and seeking shelter, food, and safety. Millions more remain, struggling to survive in the middle of a war zone, while untold thousands lose their lives to indiscriminate attacks targeting civilians.

In the midst of this horror, Ukrainians stand with unwavering courage against an aggressor considered far stronger. They defend their lives, their families, and their homes with unshakeable resolve. They are real heroes in every sense of the word. Now is the time for action.

We cannot ignore these unjust, inhumane attacks on innocent families. HERO® has created a fundraiser to help. We will donate a percentage of every purchase to credible organizations providing essential supplies and services on the ground in Ukraine. HERO® is a small company, but we know we can help make a difference.

Any purchases you make will support the Ukrainian people in this desperate time of need. Even if you’re not looking to buy, we hope you’ll consider making a small donation to our fundraiser to help those impacted by this terrible conflict.

First lady Olena Zelenska said it best, “…millions of people are suffering in Mariupol, Kharkiv, Irpin, Sumy and other cities. They don’t have water, food and medicine. Russian soldiers are blocking humanitarian aid. We need to stop it. By saying ‘we,’ I mean the whole world.”

That’s us. Let’s make a difference.


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