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It’s finally here! We’re incredibly excited to be releasing AIIRO™, which burst onto the scene after three years of development earlier this year. It’s unique design made waves, winning the Personal Protection Product of the Year award at Shot Show 2022.

Powerful Gel Based Self-Defense

AIIRO™ uses nitrogen power to fire blasts of sticky and debilitating PAVA based gel from 15 away. The effects are immediate with painful burning sensations on the skin (as if exposed to scalding heat), difficulty seeing, intense coughing, and discomfort. Effects last up to an hour, giving the user plenty of time to get to safety and find help. 

Quick and easy to reload, AIIRO™ cartridges hold two payloads that fire at over 100MPH. PAVA, the active ingredient, has been used and trusted around the globe for over 50 years as a synthetic alternative to OC pepper spray. AIIRO™ also comes equipped with a painfully loud 120dB alarm, triggered with the push of a button.

“We’re so proud to be delivering AIIRO™ to our customers. Our engineering and patent processes took much longer than we wanted, but it’s been worth the wait. This is definitely a new category of self defense product, and AIIRO™ is already an award winner.”

David Clemons
Co-Founder and CEO
HERO Defense Systems LLC

At the size of a smartphone, AIIRO™ is easily concealed in a pocket, purse, or bag for self defense for anyone looking for ways to feel safer while driving, at work, at school, and everywhere in between!

A safe and legal alternative to firearms, AIIRO™ has no long term effects, with a simple design anyone can use.

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AIIRO Retail Kit – Char

AIIRO Retail Kit

Get the basic AIIRO kit, with launcher, cartridges, soft case, and more. Affordable personal defense for everyone!

Duo Kit – Char

AIIRO+2020 Duo Kit

Grab AIIRO and 2020 in one bundle! Includes both launchers, cartridges for each, duo carrying case, and more!

Active gel irritant cartridges for the AIIRO less-lethal defense tool

AIIRO Cartridges

Stock up on refills for your AIIRO. Grab extra training cartridges to make sure you’re ready when it counts.


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