HERO on GunStuff.TV

HERO announces their latest product, CORE, on GunShow.TV

We had so much fun joining GunStuff.TV live! Our Co-Founders, David Clemons and Dan Danowski, discussed our products, including the brand new CORE. There was a fun demo involved as well. Watch the show below!

Haven’t heard the news about CORE? It’s our streamlined, more affordable re-creation of our patented, award winning HERO 2020 launcher. We’ve removed the laser sight, stun light, and rechargeable battery from the unit to make it more affordable for those on a budget.

CORE utilizes the same unique nitrogen powered system to launch PAVA filled projectiles up to 175 feet per second from 20 feet away. Projectiles explode into a cloud, engulfing the target in debilitating chemical irritant. CORE’s compact size makes it easy to conceal and carry wherever you go.

Check out the fun:

Watch HERO on GunStuff.TV:


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