Road Safety

Road Safety

Road Safety: Got a plan?

Plan Ahead for Personal Defense While Driving

Road trip season is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! There’s nothing quite like having your itinerary all laid out, your favorite tunes blasting, and the open road ahead. But there’s one thing drivers tend to overlook when it comes to road safety.

Most have a spare tire and a first aid kit in their vehicle for safety, but many forget to consider the most important component: themselves and their passengers

Ask yourself, are you prepared for a road rage encounter? CNN reports road rage incidents have increased 500% in the last 10 years! Road safety incidents can occur anywhere. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the majority of carjackings occur at or near the victim’s home. So whether you’re road tripping with friends, headed to work, long haul trucking, or anything in between, protecting yourself while driving should be a priority.

Solution: Less-Lethal Defense

Less-lethal devices offer many benefits for drivers:

Carry and conceal in your vehicle without a license.

No risk of collateral damage to others.

Stop assailants without taking a life.

No permanent injury avoids legal hassles.

Trusted by police, security, and military

Meet HERO® Defense Systems

At HERO® we design and build award winning less-lethal tools combining the best features in the industry with high quality materials and powerful chemical irritants. Our products won Self-Defense Product of the Year (2020) and Personal Protection Product of the Year (2022) at Shot Show, the nation’s largest shooting, hunting, and law enforcement show. Each of our products also includes free online training so you can drive prepared and confidently.


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