HERO Story: Saving Lives

HERO Story: Saving Lives

Radio talk show host Jesse Kelly shares listener's story

A woman in the driver's seat of her car looks behind her.

If you listen to his show, you may have heard Jesse Kelly asking listeners to check out our award winning less-lethal devices. He’s been a supportive fan of HERO ever since seeing our products, but recently on the show Jesse shared a listener’s HERO story – a personal and frightening moment which was overcome with HERO 2020. Listen, or read the transcription below:

Jesse Kelly reading aloud listener’s letter:

“This morning my 19 year old daughter who is in the Air Force stationed in Omaha, Nebraska, called me and told me that a man followed her home from a gas station. When she pulled into her parking spot, she saw that the guy stopped right behind her and got out of his truck. She immediately pulled out her HERO gun, got out of her car, hit him not once, but twice: once in the face, and once in the chest, just like I taught her how to shoot when she was 10. She called the cops, held the guy on the ground until they got there. 

The guy was wanted on a different warrant for sexual assault, and strong armed robbery. 

I am grateful my daughter is alive and well, and able to protect herself.”

We’re so relieved to hear this young woman was not only able to defend herself, but to bring her assailant into police custody with her HERO 2020. Her story shows how anyone can be targeted while going about their everyday lives.

At HERO we understand not everyone is comfortable carrying a firearm, and guns aren’t always the answer. Jesse echoes these same sentiments, urging his listeners to consider the safety of their loved ones. Your, daughter, mom, or friend – everyone deserves the confidence to live their life without fear.

We hope you’ll take a moment to learn more about the need for less-lethal defense, and check out our award-winning products. Together we’re working to make the world a safer place for everyone. Have a HERO story of your own? Contact us to share your experience.


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