Legal Self Defense in California

Legal Self Defense in California

HERO releases less-lethal devices for legal self defense in California

Announcing Legal Self Defense for California

We are beyond excited to announce our new collection of legal self defense in California. Check out the options below including a brand new type of cartridge for HERO 2020. These devices have been designed and labeled to meet state California self defense laws, so our Californian friends can finally benefit from our award-winning tools!

Meet BluntForce

Our newest cartridge is called BluntForce. Pre-loaded with .68 caliber hard polymer projectiles, these powerful cartridges fire at over 150 mph packing a painful punch of kinetic energy that stops attackers in their tracks!

BluntForce cartridges are compatible with HERO 2020 and CORE devices. Now available in California compliant bundles!


AIIRO Gel Based Defense

All our existing AIIRO bundles and cartridges can now be shipped to California residents! Choose from multiple kit and color options, including bulk product bundles. AIIRO fires irritant gel that sticks, causing targets to experience intense burning sensations, temporary blindness, fits of coughing, and discomfort with no long term effects. Learn more about AIIRO here.

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Award-Winning Protection for Californians

Shop the collection today to find your perfect less-lethal defense! We’ve also marked all eligible products with our California Compliant icon so you can easily see which items are available anywhere in the store. We’re so excited to finally offer our award-winning tools for legal self defense in California. As always, we’re here to answer any questions you may have.

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