AIIRO Updates in 2023

AIIRO Updates in 2023


Powerful Gel Aerosol Defense

At HERO® we’re always working to make our products more reliable, more effective, and more powerful! We wanted to share some of the exciting AIIRO updates we’ve made this year to our award-winning gel based aerosol product.

With a base made from durable polymer, AIIRO has an overmolding of rubber for its anti-slip grip. This grip has been reinforced to ensure it holds up under even the most rigorous use. 

For any defense device, safety is key. AIIRO is outfitted with a dual safety system to prevent accidental discharge. We’ve updated the sliding safety badge with even tougher materials to protect the device more effectively.

Our Nitrogen powered gel cartridges have seen a few different updates this year. First, we’ve increased the pressure and efficiency of our firing mechanism, resulting in greater power, accuracy, and distance when firing. Next we’ve updated the PAVA irritant gel inside with improved consistency, and greater effectiveness. This irritant is hotter than ever at 1.33% major capsaicinoids!

These AIIRO updates have already been made and are included in all current and new orders. Plus if you haven’t heard the news, AIIRO is also now available to our friends in California!

AIIRO is more reliable, effective, and powerful than ever, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Get this patented non-lethal defense tool today to start protecting yourself and your family. AIIRO is available in multiple bundles and colors, and makes a great gift for your loved one! 

Active gel irritant cartridges for the AIIRO non-lethal defense tool


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