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First Aid: Pepper Spray & PAVA Know What to Do When You’re Exposed!

First Aid: Pepper Spray & PAVA

If you find yourself at the receiving end of a chemical irritant like pepper spray or PAVA (the active ingredient in our products), don’t panic. While painful, symptoms begin to subside after an hour and can be treated with common household items

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All Eyes on Non-Lethal. Hero Defense Systems

All Eyes on Non-Lethal

While most injuries sustained by protestors still technically fall within the definition of outcomes for non-lethal devices, many were serious and could have been avoided. The common factor behind these injuries comes down to either a lack of training, or outright failure to follow safety guidelines.

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The Call for Non-Lethal Force. Hero™ Defense Systems

The Call for Non-Lethal Force

As protests sweep the nation, we cannot ignore the calls by so many for real change. It’s clear as a society we are ready for non-lethal alternatives. Regardless of politics, we can all agree reliable and effective non-lethal options result in safer outcomes for everyone, saving precious lives.

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