"We don't

want guns."

– 95.3% of Teachers

We Hear you.

Policy makers are suggesting radical ideas to secure schools, but none seem to be asking the people who actually work there. 95.3% of teachers don’t want to carry a firearm. They know adding guns to the classroom just adds fuel to the fire. Educators want realistic, appropriate solutions. We want to help. Our non-lethal, award winning products are designed to save lives, without taking them.

What is non-lethal Defense?

Incapacitates attackers without permanent injury or death.

Easy to use, without extensive training or experience.

Trusted for decades by police, security, and military.

Legal in nearly every state, no license needed.


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Award Winning non-Lethal


Our patented, award winning defense tools combine the best features in the industry with quality materials and powerful chemical irritant. HERO® won Self-Defense Product of the Year (2020) and Personal Protection Product of the Year (2022).


Our Products

We want to give teachers the confidence and tools to take action when it counts, while reassuring parents their kids aren’t defenseless in the classroom. Every product includes free video training, and early adopters can schedule in person training at no additional cost. Plus we’re offering schools 10% off retail prices. Mix and match our products to meet your school’s individual needs:


HERO 2020

Launch projectiles that explode into a cloud, engulfing the target in chemical irritant. Double sided safety, laser sight, stun light. Two shots per cartridge.

AIIRO Less-Lethal Defense launcher


Cover a 21 inch area in sticky and debilitating gel irritant. Includes 120dB alarm and dual safety release. Each cartridge fires two shots.

CORE versions of HERO 2020 and AIIRO


Our entry level, streamlined devices at a reduced price offer the same powerful defense minus the electronics. Two shots per cartridge.


What's Inside: PAVA

Our products use PAVA, a synthetic form of capsaicin that creates rapid inflammation in the capillaries, sending pain and heat signals to the brain. This physical reaction causes targets to experience intense burning on the skin, difficulty seeing, fits of coughing, and discomfort for up to an hour.
There are no long term effects.

Benefits for Schools

Accidental use causes only temporary, treatable effects.

Affordable, long shelf life tools. Cartridges last 2 years.

Quality manufacturing, with U.S. based customer support.

Free online training. In-person training free for early adopters!

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