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AIIRO® Training

Ready go get started with AIIRO® Training? Be sure to read your user guide, watch our free online training videos below, and practice with inert training cartridges before using your AIIRO® in the real world. In the heat of the moment, training is what keeps you moving! Practice, prepare, and be ready for anything. If you haven’t yet, take a moment to secure your warranty by registering your product.

Before You Begin

  • Use training cartridges for practice only
  • Practice outdoors, or at an indoor shooting range with permission
  • Secure your target to a solid object or wall
  • Payloads contain dye, quickly rinse with water to prevent staining
  • Do not aim or fire towards homes, people, animals, cars, etc.
  • Clear the area of people and animals before practicing
  • Read your user manual and watch training videos before training

AIIRO® Training Videos

Getting Started

Learn about the basic features of AIIRO®, how to reload a cartridge, and more!

Product of the Year

American Outdoors interviews David Clemons, HERO Defense Systems CEO, about AIIRO®. 



User Guide
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Fact Sheet
Learn about AIIRO® with this fact sheet.


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