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Training and Information

Congratulations on your new HERO 2020!

Before you dive in, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with your device. You should thoroughly read your user guide, watch training videos, and practice with our inert training cartridges before using your HERO 2020 in the real world. If you haven’t yet, take a moment to secure your warranty by registering your product.

hero 2020 Videos

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Trigger Overview

Before you begin, practice trigger pulls without a cartridge.

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Safety and Warnings

Dan reviews safety warnings and information for the HERO 2020.

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Product Overview

Review of the components and features of the HERO 2020.

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Battery and Charging

Your HERO 2020 comes with a mini USB charging cable and battery.

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Changing Cartridges

It’s easy to swap cartridges, Dan shows you how in this video.

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Safety and Firing

Dan demonstrates how to disengage the safety and fire the HERO 2020.

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First Aid

If exposed to the active ingredient, follow the steps in this video to treat.

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How PAVA Works

Dan discusses how the active ingredient in HERO 2020 works to stop attackers.

Training Cartridge

Dave shows us the training cartridge for the HERO 2020.

hero 2020 Resources

HERO 2020 User Guide

Lost your user guide? No problem, download the latest version here!

HERO 2020 Fact Sheet

HERO 2020 is packed with features. View them all with this fact sheet.

PavaBall Fact Sheet

Learn more about PavaBall with this fact sheet.