Colorado State Pepper Spray Laws

Colorado State Pepper Spray Laws

The use of OC powder provides a less-lethal alternative to personal protection.

ColoradoFlagOC powder, more commonly known as pepper spray, can temporarily disable an assailant by causing extreme discomfort and difficulty breathing. While pepper spray is legal in America, state-specific restrictions and limitations do apply. Click here for a comprehensive list of state laws. Colorado considers pepper spray a self defense tool instead of a weapon, and has no state-specific laws that prohibit the purchase, use, or possession of OC powder. The use of pepper spray is justified when used against a human or animal attacker threatening the safety of those around them. The biggest downside of traditional pepper spray is the range. Most pepper sprays are only effective within 6-12 feet. If you are trying to run away from an assailant, it may be difficult to spray them without getting dangerously close. Once released, the powder disperses and can affect you as well as the assailant depending on distance and wind conditions. With PavaBall, you can stop an assailant from a safe distance. On impact PavaBall shatters, releasing 3 grams of OC powder into a cloud on and around the assailant. Attackers experience intense burning sensations on their eyes and skin along with severe lung irritation allowing you time to escape and seek help. Understanding how to use these self defense tools can improve your safety, whether at home or on the road. We recommend practicing with our inert trainer round before working with active rounds. Trainer rounds replicate the feeling and strength of Active rounds without the active ingredient, allowing you to gain confidence using your personal protection product. A two step safety switch ensures your device  doesn’t fire accidentally. Turning off the safety reveals the trigger and activates a laser to guide your aim. Take your protection into your own hands today!


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