Nevada Pepper Spray Laws

Nevada Pepper Spray Laws

Know your state laws before buying OC powder for self defense

Widely used on a global basis for self defense, OC powder is the active ingredient in pepper spray. Although pepper spray and most similar self defense products are legal in all 50 states, there are some limitations and restrictions that can apply depending on location.PavaBall WASP MXFor example, in Nevada many misunderstand the law, believing pepper spray to be prohibited.  The law actually only refers to CS tear gas. While similar, the two are not the same. The OC in pepper spray is made from naturally occurring chemicals found in peppers, while CS tear gas is comprised of man made compounds. Both result in similar physical effects, with pepper spray generally lasting up to an hour, and tear gas up to 30 minutes. While CS tear gas is legal in Nevada with restrictions, the law does not outline any regulations on pepper spray. It’s important to keep yourself protected legally when using pepper spray. Always check the area specific regulations in advance. Here’s a comprehensive list explaining the laws.In most states, using pepper spray against a human or animal attacker is justified. When discharging the pepper spray, the OC powder is ejected 5-15 feet depending on wind conditions and spray type. In many situations the gas can affect  the person using the pepper spray as well as the assailant.PavaBall™PavaBall™ and PavaGel™ offer a safer, more reliable form of OC for self defense. HERO™ devices deploy their ammunition effectively from up to 20 feet away. PavaBall™ works by breaking on impact –  releasing a cloud of OC powder around the attacker. PavaGel™ packs the same stopping power as PavaBall™, but does not rely on the formation of a cloud. Instead it sticks to the target, providing instant results on contact. Excess gel falls to the ground rather than hanging in the air, making PavaGel™ safer for indoor use or crowded areas. HERO products are some of the first to offer interchangeable cartridges, allowing you to choose the best tool for your environment.

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