HERO® 2020 Brings New Less-Lethal Solution to the Sportsmen, Boat & RV Expo

HERO® 2020 Brings New Less-Lethal Solution to the Sportsmen, Boat & RV Expo

Scottsdale, AZ


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“HERO™ 2020 will be at the 20th annual Sportsmen, Boat & RV Expo, March 13-15. Meet a HERO® founder and enter for a chance to win your own HERO™ 2020!”

HERO™ 2020 is coming to Scottsdale, Arizona this weekend! Designed to fit an active lifestyle, HERO™ 2020 is compact, easy to carry, and packed with features. It also recently won Shot Show 2020’s Self Defense Product of the Year award! HERO™ 2020 will be on display at the 20th annual Sportsmen, Boat & RV Expo, alongside plenty of great outdoor products and services. The expo includes the best in gear, vehicles, travel, and adventure. There’s also a full schedule of seminars offering tips on fishing, RVing, and our passion: safety. Get your guide to the expo here.HERO™ 2020 is Shot Show Product Of the Year!Whether you’re walking down your street or fishing in the local reservoir, HERO™ 2020 is your partner for adventure! If something goes wrong when you’re far from civilization and out of cell service, a reliable self defense tool can save your life. Tactical instructor and managing editor for Sportsman’s News, Dan Kidder, describes HERO™ 2020 as “an excellent tool for self-defense against human predators but it is also useful against four-legged attackers. When hiking, it can provide a less-lethal deterrent to animals that may be sick or injured that may become aggressive out of fear or pain. Having a less-lethal option at your disposal keeps you on the right side of the law and also helps you enjoy the outdoors with minimal impact on wildlife while still protecting yourself and your loved ones. The greater range over bear sprays or traditional compressed OC dispensers gives you more time to respond to aggressive behavior and that time translates to a greater margin of safety.”Uniquely engineered with a nitrogen powered pressure system, HERO™ 2020 can launch projectiles up to 250 feet per second (FPS) from 20 feet away. The dual shot, dual finger trigger design fits comfortably in your palm, with a safety switch on both sides for operating with either hand. A 600 lumen LED stun light, Class 2 laser for aiming, and interchangeable cartridges are among its most popular features.
“HERO™ 2020 presents a less threatening format than a product that has a gun-like profile so it’s less likely to alarm other hikers if displayed or used. It is very clearly not a firearm, and as such it is less likely to be mistaken for a deadly threat by those observing its use. This can avoid misunderstandings and unwanted interaction with law enforcement.”– Dan Kidder, Managing Editor, Sportsman’s News
We’re on a mission to promote personal safety, save lives, and grow confidence by providing access to superb, less-lethal protection products. Come see what everyone’s talking about at booth 4017C! Meet our founder, check out HERO 2020 in person, and enter for a chance to win your very own!


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