HERO 2020 Now Available!

HERO 2020 Now Available!

Salt Lake City, UT

HERO Defense Systems LLC, a manufacturer of less-lethal personal defense devices, announced today the re-release of HERO 2020. After being held up for months by COVID-19 shutdowns, the national supply chain is finally able to resume production and deliver parts to HERO distribution. Today HERO 2020 is once more available for purchase at HERO.US.com.

PR-2020 with cartridges
A New Class of Less-lethal Protection

This less-lethal, best in class defense device combines powerful and reliable features into a compact solution. HERO 2020’s award winning design is easy to conceal and simple to use, a great fit for any lifestyle. Its innovative interchangeable cartridges are a stand out feature, allowing users to swap cartridges quickly and easily to fit any environment. HERO 2020 cartridges can be changed out in seconds and contain two rounds of PAVA/OC based irritant. A rechargeable onboard battery powers the 600 lumen stun light and laser aim assist. HERO 2020 was designed for comfort and usability. It’s compact size, sleek shape, and light weight make it easy to carry while the dual finger trigger and double sided safety make using it a breeze.

“We’re proud to relaunch our first product and get back to the business of saving lives. It’s important to all of us to stay focused on building the highest quality, user friendly, less-lethal solutions around. HERO 2020 and the accompanying accessories gives users a choice, a complete solution for self defense. We provide the training, and you build confidence.

We remain committed to our family, friends, customers, and distribution partners to provide products and training that are reliable, effective, and save lives.”

– David Clemons, Co-Founder and Partner, HERO Defense Systems

HERO 2020 is the first in a line of less-lethal products from HERO Defense Systems. A second, smaller device is planned for release in January 2021 at the annual Shot Show in Las Vegas.

The Need for Less-Lethal

As the world turns, all nations and people feel the pressure to protect themselves and their families. Safety from violence is a real and growing topic in personal and national conversation. HERO is listening. The team is working around the clock to create a less-lethal movement that saves lives. The mission at HERO is no secret: train over a million people in the use of less-lethal defense, while teaching the life-saving skill of situational awareness. HERO is developing reliable and effective less-lethal tools to defend. Every product design, training program, workshop, and specialist at HERO strives for quality, reliability, and safety: values that save lives.

HERO® products are not considered firearms under federal law. Some restrictions on usage and age may apply in certain states.

For more information about HERO, HERO Defense Systems, or HERO 2020, visit www.HERO.US.com or join the less-lethal movement on social: @Bringahero


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