HEROⓇ Unveils The New Shape of Less-Lethal: AIIRO™

HEROⓇ Unveils The New Shape of Less-Lethal: AIIRO™

Las Vegas, Nevada

HERO Defense Systems LLC announces plans to attend Show Show 2022 in Las Vegas, January 18-22. The Utah based manufacturer of award winning less-lethal devices will announce the newest in their lineup of self defense products.

The New Shape of Less-Lethal

Introducing AIIRO™​

After three years of design and engineering, show attendees will get a first hand introduction to AIIRO™, the new patent pending product. Utilizing the same active ingredients found in HEROⓇ 2020, it stops attackers in their tracks with debilitating chemical irritants. AIIRO™ can fire two blasts of sticky gel which clings to the target, causing painful burning sensations on the skin (as if exposed to scalding heat), difficulty seeing, intense coughing, and discomfort for up to an hour.

In addition to gel based irritants, AIIRO™ comes equipped with a 120dB alarm. Triggered with the push of a button, the alarm is audible from 750 feet (230m) away and is as loud as a thunder clap. The shockingly loud sound alerts any nearby individuals while dissuading assailants from continued interaction. 

Smaller than an iPhone, the affordable price point of AIIRO™ appeals to anyone looking for a compact, easy to use self defense device that doesn’t require a license or permit*. AIIRO™ causes no long term effects or injury, making it a safe and legal alternative to firearms.

Retail Kit Coming Soon

AIIRO™ will be shipping soon, at a suggested retail price of $179.00. Kits will include the AIIRO™, one training cartridge, one live cartridge, and carrying/storage case.

Celebrate with HERO

HEROⓇ is thrilled to be announcing AIIRO™ at Shot Show 2022 and invites those looking to protect themselves or their loved ones to stop by their booth. To celebrate the occasion, the company will be hosting a giveaway where attendees can win an AIIRO™ of their own, deliverable once the new product releases. Attendees can find HERO Defense Systems at Booth 41151, Level 1 of the Venetian Expo.

*Applicable in most U.S. locations. Subject to state and local laws.


HERO products are not considered firearms under federal law. Some restrictions on usage and age may apply in certain states.

To contact HERO regarding quotes, interview, or speaking opportunities, contact:

HERO Defense Systems LLC
(888) 884-7478

For more information about HERO Defense Systems and products, visit www.HERO.US.com or join the less-lethal movement on social: @Bringahero


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