Less-Lethal Defense to Protect Schools

Less-Lethal Defense to Protect Schools

Salt Lake City, Utah: HERO Defense Systems LLC, a manufacturer of less-lethal products, has announced a defense program to protect schools and educational facilities. Built on proven technology, these award-winning products demotivate attackers using powerful chemical irritants.

HERO® is providing its full product line, along with online and in-person training to schools, with the intent to saves lives.

The company’s patented devices use high powered nitrogen to launch a chemical irritant called PAVA at attackers, disabling them for up to an hour. PAVA causes rapid inflammation in the capillaries resulting in temporary blindness, nausea, coughing, difficulty breathing, and intense burning sensations. PAVA has been trusted by police and military around the globe for decades.

HERO® enters the market in Colorado with multiple bundle options that can be mixed and matched to meet the needs of individual institutions. Schools can purchase products that fire sticky gel, powder filled projectiles, or both. Additional training and active cartridge refills are available along with in-person training for up to 20 people.

HERO 2020 and AIIRO: Award-winning less-lethal defense devices now available to schools from HERO Defense Systems

CEO David Clemons says the goal is to save lives:

“Our mission is to keep students, faculty, and parents safe on any campus in America. We’ve set goals to change public opinion about less-lethal solutions as a first choice rather than bullets, which aren’t always needed. We can make a difference right now to widen the adoption of less-lethal self defense products and save lives.”

Promising affordability to traditionally budget constrained schools, HERO® is providing their products at discounted prices to protect schools. Early adopters can also expect to be rewarded with free in-person training at their school.

HERO Pepper Gel
HERO Pepper Gel

As gun violence continues to plague the nation, less-lethal defense provides a solution to educators and parents concerned about the dangers of stocking schools with guns. Teachers can keep less-lethal tools in the classroom confidently while continuing to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for all.

Interested schools can visit the HERO® website, email support@hero.us.com, or call (833) 437-6669 with any questions.

For more information about HERO:

Visit: HERO.US.com
Join: @Bringahero
Email: support@hero.us.com
Call: (833) 437-6669

HERO products are not considered firearms under federal law.
Some restrictions on usage and age apply in certain states


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